About us

Who are we?

Rolf Habener is the founder and owner of Transcool B.V, which he started in 2015. The start of Transcool took place in Maasdijk, South Holland. Until 2022, the company was based there. Since the beginning of 2022, Transcool has been based in Strijen, South Holland.

The goal was and still is to build custom-made generator sets that are economical and efficient.

The generator sets are currently delivered to companies in countries including the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Poland and Latvia.

By the end of 2023, the business had expanded to include a webshop. A second website and webshop has also been launched with portable power stations. See:

The team consisting of:

Rolf Habener: CEO

Sven Habener: managing director

Bojoura Hoogvliet: Administrative assistant (various office duties)

Marco Schouten: Sales

Thiemo Westinga: Mechanic

A look at our history as a generator set manufacturer.

After building several generator set prototypes (RTC), we succeeded in producing a generator set that can power various types of cooling units with a fuel consumption of only 1.9 litres of diesel per hour.

In other words, we have built a fuel-saving gen set. We achieved this by equipping the unit with a 50/60 Hz circuit.

Thanks to efficient permanent magnet generators and Kubota engines, we have also managed to reduce the dimensions of the attachment.

Which in turn results in more ground clearance and flexibility in different chassis.

Reduce costs & increase profits

Transcool (TRC) is a dynamic company, where we work on customised generator sets for the transport sector in Europe. Our aim is to build economical and efficient machines, where the gen set saves fuel. This means saving costs and increasing your profits.

Why choose Transcool?

At Transcool (TRC) we put customer and environment first when it comes to research and development. So service comes first with us. We know that the world will stop turning without logistics and that there are still many advantages to be gained within the industry. This is what drives us as a generator set manufacturer. Request a quote for your customised fuel-saving generator set or contact us for more information.

Satisfied customers

  • More than 20 years of experience
  • More than 200 satisfied customers
  • Personalised approach
  • Research and development within the company
  • Multiple service points across Europe


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